The Names - Spectators Of Life [7" WEA 18 087 BEL 1979 24-Bit FLAC]

It's a bit crackly during the run out, but don't that spoil your enjoyment of this classic debut single by The Names who, back in 1979, were just a new wave band signed briefly to WEA.

A1 Spectators Of Life
B1 White Life
B2 The Drive

The Names - Night Shift [FAC 29 UK 1981 24-Bit FLAC]

This is a fresh rip from my original Factory single, sounding much better than my 16-bit rip a few years ago on the ESWA blog. Another in my series of fantastic b-sides

A1 Night Shift
B1 I Wish I Could Speak Your Language

The Names - Calcutta [FBN 9 BEL 1982 24-Bit FLAC]

Most of you will know Calcutta, some of you may not, all the same here is my 24-bit rip of this classic twelve from The Names, made all the better by Martin Hannett's crisp production. Enjoy.

A1 Calcutta
B1 Postcards

The Names - The Astronaut [TWI 111 BEL 1982 24-Bit FLAC]

The Names last single was the Martin Hannett produced The Astronaut. A little less gloomy than Night Shift but superbly melancholic, this three-track owes a lot to Faith-era Cure, but Hannett runs his magic fingers over the recording, and the licks of subtle acoustic guitar through the chorus are magical. Collectively, the music of The Names remains mostly anonymous in the post-punk era, save for the obvious and limited Factory connection, however some of their individual songs are very important and deserve more attention. 

A1 The Astronaut
B1 Shining Hours
B2 Revenge


  1. Spectate:!rZhQDabJ!UvvE0OqNuI1uk8yaFZdr3dXSOktyn48bz9wneFe9BBg




  2. Amazing! An heartfelt thank you!

  3. "I Wish I Could Speak Your Language" is a lovely b-side indeed. Thank you for these Names singles!

  4. WOW

    Another one i should have never missed

    Cheers mate


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