Mark Isham - Castalia [208 973-630 DEU 1988 24-Bit FLAC]

Out of the worlds of Windham Hill and film scores comes American ambient composer Mark Isham. Castalia (according to mythology) was the name of a nymph who threw herself into or was transformed into a spring to evade the pursuit of Apollo. The spring was then named after her, and it was a source of inspiration for Apollo and the Muses. Castalia was also Isham's first album proper for Virgin Records and it is from a 1988 German pressing that I present this rip. 

Isham's muted trumpet leads the listener through five of these six dense atmospheric melodies  except where David Torn's delightful acoustic guitar drifts in and out of washes of ambient strings. To say that I am somewhat pleased with the quality of my rip from this one euro bargain bucket purchase would be a bit of an understatement. Lovers of bagpipes and marching snares need to hear The Gracious Core. Enjoy.

A1 The Grand Parade
A2 My Wife With Champagne Shoulders
A3 A Meeting With The Parabolist
B1 Tales From The Maidan
B2 A Dream Of Three Acrobats
B3 The Gracious Core



  2. I have a couple of David Sylvian live shows, in which The Grand Parade is performed. Very nice. Thank you for this.

  3. Thanks a bunch .... love it
    CPH4 aka schwarzhoerer


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